My First Blog!!

May 29, 2016 0 Comments

My First Blog!!

My Very first Blog!!

Blog? what the heck is a “Blog”? sure, I have read a few over the years…. Ok more then a few, but I’m not much of a writer, I’ve been out of school way to long to remember sentence structure and grammar, punctuation, sure I have worked in offices, but I was the “accounts clerk” or “payables receivables” In all the years I worked at the University of Alberta, I realized, I was never tasked with letter writing in any form, so how do I do this? Once again I hit the deep dark recesses of the Internet to gain some insights on how to “blog”.

When it comes to things like this, I tend to overthink, what should my first blog be about? what will the readers want? Should I dive right into Airbrush Maintenance? Trouble shooting? Airbrush Reviews? Featured Artists? Where do I start?

I find my-self sitting in front of my computer on this beautiful Sunday morning once again asking myself the same questions, I have been asking for a very long time…. At this rate I will never get anything down. So why not just “talk” maybe that’s the key! …So here we go....

I hope to fill the pages of my blog with informative, helpful information accompanied with pictures and diagrams. Maybe a funny story or two! You might even find an occasional picture my kids or animals… I would love to include a featured artist and have a tutorial/ step by step in here as well, this isn’t for me, it’s for you so if your interested in being featured or submitting a step by step project I would love to include it here…. Just simply submit a bio and some pictures and lets build this together ( mapleairbrush@icloud.com )

 Next up…. Who is Maple Airbrush Supplies….

Thanks for reading!

Please leave your comments and suggestions I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

whew! thats wasn't so hard for my first one!