AutoAir: Iridescent, Color Shift, Hi-Light

AutoAir: Iridescent, Flair Color Shift, Hi-Light Interference

Auto-Air Flair Colours are made with specialty pigment colors with angle-dependent color transitioning special effects. Flair Colour-Shift Colors have a soft flowing transition from one color into another even in subtle light conditions 

  • Color travel is viewable under even subtle lighting and is further intensified on curved objects with sharp contours.
  • Best effects are achieve when used over Autoborne Sealers or AutoAir Aluminum Bases
  • Apply 1-2 light coats of AutoBorne White or Black and 2-4 coats of  Flair Color Shift

Reducing: Flair Colour Shift Colours is not recommended. If they must be reduced add the reducer in small increments to avoid washing out pigment concentration.

Designed for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush