Winter Shipping Policy

Endura: Make-Up


Endura is an alcohol based, FDA Approved. Endura is a vibrant, fast drying makeup that provides rich coverage, unlimited blending and layering, no cracking, effortless performance,and extreme durability (sweat and waterproof). It can be applied using an Airbrush or sponge.

Endura is safe for direct skin contact and prosthetic applications. Endura dries upon contact, making it ideal for a fast paced special effects environment such as haunted houses, movie sets, body art operations and theatre makeup departments.


  • Haunt makeup
  • Airbrush Tattoos
  • Face art
  • Body Painting
  • Cosplay
  • Theatrical makeup
  • Film and prosthetics
  • Special FX makeup
  • Beauty and runway
  • Underwater commercials
  • Stage and performance makeup
    • Black from $17.79
      Blue from $17.79
      Bright Yellow from $17.79
      Brown from $17.79
      Clear Glow from $17.79
      Fluorescent Blue from $17.79
      Fluorescent Orange from $17.79
      Fluorescent Pink from $17.79
      Fluorescent White from $17.79
      Green from $17.79
      Light Blue from $17.79
      Light Purple from $17.79
      Lime Green from $17.79
      Metallic Blue from $17.79
      Metallic Champagne from $17.79
      Metallic Gold from $17.79
      Metallic Green from $17.79
      Metallic Lavender from $17.79
      Metallic Red from $17.79
      Metallic Silver from $17.79
      Mint from $17.79
      Pink from $17.79
      ProSeal $44.99
      Red from $17.79
      True Tattoo from $17.79
      White from $17.79
      Yellow from $17.79