Illustration Paints

Illustration Colors are Createx Colors’ flagship line of airbrush paints designed for refined atomization and flow through the smallest of airbrush tip sizes, at low psi settings without stippling.

Illustration Colors may be used directly out of the bottle or diluted with 4011/4012. For automotive and painting hard surfaces, Illustration Colors can be mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear then diluted with 4012.

Illustration Colors are unique in that the final cure is delayed for over 48 hours, during which the colors may be “soft erased” for subtle manipulation. After this open cure window, Illustration Colors cure to a hard finish when mixed with 4030 and do not soft erase.

Illustration Colors dry to a matte finish. Illustration Colors, Bloodline and Lifeline are transparent paints with no filler added and made with a saturated pigment volume for coverage out of the bottle.

Illustration Opaque Colors have added filler for increased coverage.

  for more information and application please refer to the  Technical Data Sheet (TDS)