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Kustom FX4

Gator -  Craig Fraser ventured into more epidermal textural replications. A simple point and shoot stencil use to create gator, reptile and dragon skin! This template has so many uses a person can simply not type it all in

Digital Camo - This new counterpart to Classic Camo is in high demand, use it on golf clubs; choppers; helmets; cakes; war hammer ... think outside the box

Classic Camo - With Classic Camo all you have to do is whip this baby out to break up some of your background graphics or customizing helmets and other surfaces for minor skirmishes or a major battle

Sraeg - "gears" spelled backwards to be different! These gears are laid out in the negative and work killer with the original "gear-head" stencil

Fronds - This natural flora n' fauna "Fronds" you can create the kewlest ferns; palms and flower patterns in your graphic or murals Create great depth in your design, by creating an amazing ghosting effects using this template

Wrenched - Your Graphics can look just like your tool box! Create great depth in your design by creating amazing ghosting effects using this un-organized template