LifeLine Colors: Flesh Tones

Work smarter not harder, is a phrase I'm sure you have heard before! Createx Colors has answered that call with their new Illustration LifeLine Flesh Tone Colors and sets.  The LifeLine Flesh Tone Colors make matching realistic and expressionist skin tones much easier! With the delayed cross-linking feature erase/texture up to 24 hours after painting.Need some skin textures? Check out Gerald Mendez Nano Stencil 

LifeLine Colors are transparent and dry to a matte finish. Illustration Colors may be sprayed direct from the bottle or thinned with 4011 , 4012 or 4020 .

For hard-surface application: mix 4030 Balancing Clear with Illustration Colors for an excellent automotive/hard surface adhesion. When mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear, Illustration Colors do not soft erase. 4030 is recommended when painting plastics/3d Printing projects and hard surfaces

Refer to Illustration Colors Technical Data Sheet for more information.

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Createx Colors LifeLine Color Set Sold Out
Createx Colors 5026: LifeLine Natural $10.29
Createx Colors 5025: LifeLine Light Natural $10.29
Createx Colors 5021: LifeLine Deep Espresso $10.29
Createx Colors 5027: LifeLine Deep Natural $10.29
Createx Colors 5024: LifeLine Deep Blush $10.29
Createx Colors 5023: LifeLine Blush $10.29
Createx Colors 5028: LifeLine Natural Lip $10.29
Createx Colors 5022: LifeLine Fair Blush $10.29
Createx Colors 5016: LifeLine Light Olive Gold $10.29
Createx Colors 5030: LifeLine Cool Tone $10.29
Createx Colors 5020: LifeLine Espresso $10.25
Createx Colors 5029: LifeLine Intrinsic Shade $10.29
Createx Colors 5018: LifeLine Deep Olive Gold $10.29
Createx Colors 5017: LifeLine Olive Gold $10.29
Createx Colors 5019: LifeLine Light Espresso $10.29