Routine Airbrush Cleaning and Maintenance:

Regular cleaning and maintenance is vital to ensure that your airbrush remains operating at peak performance while providing you the opportunity to monitor those parts subject to expected wear-and-tear.  Maple Airbrush has you covered with the latest recommended cleaning products, tools and replacement parts to assist you with this mundane task so you can spend your time creating art and not fighting the brush!

  • Thoroughly clean your airbrush at the end of each workday. This will alleviate paint build-up and ensure proper air flow, especially over the needle.
  • Use the recommended products developed by industry experts. Using home-made brews or household cleaners often compromise O-rings or damage the manufactured finish of the airbrush or its parts. Some products can leave behind corrosive residues or an oily film.
  • If your airbrush manufacturer supplies a tool that aids in the breakdown and assembly of components then keep it in your maintenance kit. Nothing worse than unintended damage of over-tightening a part or stripping threads because you chose the immediate convenience of a pair of pliers.
  • Replace worn parts before they fail. Nothing like spending half a day on the phone tracking down the part you need and putting that rush project (or creative desire) on hold until the part arrives. In this regard, always keep a spare needle on hand, or for that matter, any part that has failed on you before (o-rings anyone?).
  • Periodically check any compressor-side or airbrush-side moisture filters/traps for water build-up. Blowing this stuff through your brush will definitely impact its operation and the paint job you are currently working on.
  • The ability of your brush to perform its intended task is often dependent on proper air pressure. Periodically check your air-hose for wear and that the fittings are not leaking.

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