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Mission Models paint colors are triple-pigmented for maximum opacity, are light-fast and will not fade over time. These additive-free acrylic paints have no expiration date, if properly stored.  They are not subject to premature chemical breakdowns typical of pre-thinned paints.

  • It is practically organic: water based, no solvents or volatile chemicals, odorless and it  safer to use indoors than other products.
  • There are no thinners or additives in the paint bottles that would shorten this paint's shelf life, cause the paint to harden or degrade.
  • The highest quality pigments were used and are very finely ground, making them easy to spray.
  • The paint is triple pigmented for better colors, coverage and leveling.
  • When dry, the finish is more durable than other acrylics, but you can still easily use the hairspray chipping technique.
  • The formulation of the paint prevents over-spray, spidering and other common air brush problems if you spray at lower PSI.
  • The bottles come with a metal ball agitator and a flip top dropper nozzle are well designed for one hand use.

This is a complete system , just like automotive paints, you have additives that can be mixed with the paint for specific results.

It is important to note that the paints work best when you use Mission Model Paints (MMP) components and pay attention to the ratios.

The Primers must be mixed with the MMP Thinner.

Thinner/Reducer from $10.69
Chrome $16.99
White $6.99
Black $6.99
Blue $6.99
Red $6.99
Orange $6.99
Green $6.99
Brown $6.99