Iwata NEO Series

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Start airbrushing now with the NEO Airbrush Series built for iwata: a reliable and versatile set of brushes and backed by the same limited warranty that iwata places on all of its professional airbrushes. Simple in design and ergonomically comfortable to use, these brushes are designed around novice users looking to easily spray a wide variety of paints and mediums with little fuss and quick clean-up.  All iwata Neo airbrushes are designed to provide fine atomization while operating under the lower pressures commonly found with the smaller air compressors. This reduces the over-spray and affords the user greater precision when detailing their project. Regardless if your hobby is model trains, landscapes, R/C, cosmetics, fingernails or cake decorating it's now easier and more economical than ever to step-up those projects to the next level.
iwata by Anest iwata NEO for Iwata BCN $96.99
iwata by Anest iwata NEO for Iwata CN $94.99
iwata by Anest iwata NEO for Iwata TRN1 $194.99
iwata by Anest iwata NEO for Iwata TRN2 $194.99