RZ Masks

RZ Masks are designed for the year-round protection of its wearer without sacrificing the comfort and flexibility needed by users to perform their chosen activity. The durable 4-way flex material is a soft, high-quality neoprene that covers and protects both the nose and mouth by providing a secure leak-proof seal while the streamlined profile easily accommodates other safety features such as helmets, goggles or prescription glasses. The easily replaceable (snap-in) active carbon filter removes 99.9% of air-borne dust and particulates while absorbing noxious fumes and odors. It is highly recommended that this top-level safety performance be maintained thru regular filter replacement. For those with sensitivities, allergies or respiratory ailments there are additional high-efficiency HEPA filters that can be used in substitute. Real creature comfort comes by way of the dual one-way exhaust valves that maximize dryness, air flow and temperature regulation within the mask by venting any excess moisture or heat build-up, and conveniently, out and away from any eye-wear that might be susceptible to fogging.

For these many reasons, RZ Masks are an ideal companion to the health and welfare of the airbrushing artist who recognizes that inhaling a cloud of dust, fumes and atomized mediums may pose long-term health concerns or possibly aggravate preexisting conditions. RZ Masks lets the air in, and only the air.