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1Shot Frequently asked Questions

Welcome to the 1Shot Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Here we will try to answer some of your questions that you may have.  This page will be up-dated regularly so check back often. 

If you would like to add to this page please e-mail us at info@mapleairbrush.com.

The key to success is work with in the paint system.

Surface Prep:

What procedure should I follow to prepare for 1 Shot or Chromatic Enamels

  • As with any painting clean the surface thoroughly
  • scuff lightly with an abrasive pad - like a red scotch brite pad
  • clean the surface thoroughly

For excellent adhesion to most surfaces and a permanent installation use the 1shot 4007 Hardener.

Clear Coats:

Can I Clear over 1Shot?

  • Yes, It's extremely important that your paint is completely dry prior to clear coating. We recommend that you use the 1Shot 4007 Hardener , and wait at least 24 hours prior to clearing
  • the first 2 passes with Clear over the 1shot should be dust coats before a flow coat

Do I have to clear over 1shot?

I want to paint my windows for seasonal events, can I use 1shot can I use reducer?

  • Yes, use a razor blade to remove the painting when you like. Do not use the 4007 Hardener
  • Yes reducer 

Roller Application:

HELP I have bubbles!! What do I do

  • If you get little bubbles in the surface,usually from using a foam roller immediately re-roller, but slightly lift on the roller frame, taking virtually all the pressure off the roller.


Can I store my 1 shot in plastic squeeze bottles?

  • Yes but....they must be PET bottles. 
  • drop a ball bearing into the bottle to aid in mixing when shaking your bottle
  • store the bottles up-side down to prevent skinning over of your paint.
  • If you use a a plastic bottle that is NOT PET the plasticizer in the bottles may migration to the paint resulting in slower drying times, lower gloss levels and reduced durability.

Fish Eyes

Why am I getting "Fish Eyes" or "Crawling" when using 1 Shot Paints?

  • If a surface is not thoroughly cleaned, it may still contain waxes, oils or silicons. Clean with a good surface prep and degreaser.

Why won't my 1 Shot Lettering Enamels dry on a banner?

  • To letter on a banner or any vinyl-based, flexible surface such as awnings, tonnau covers, leather garments the banner must have an "Enamel Receptive Coating" on it. If you don't have a "ERC" banner, you can coat the banner first with our Ti-Cote product to make it enamel receptive.

How do I avoid wrinkling in my Lettering or Background Enamels?

  • Never apply 1 Shot Background or lettering Enamels too thick or try to re-coat a painted surface until the first coat of paint is dry. Always follow the suggested re-coating times for best results.