Absolute Precision featuring the IWATA Custom Micron Series

What makes the Custom Micron so great? Perfection! The Micron is machines to extremely high tolerances and is assembled by highly skilled technicians who scrutinize every in of the Micron, before approving each airbrush for shipping. The end result is a finely tuned precision machine.

Who sprays with Absolute Precision?

- Those who demand fine to extreme detail and scale

-those who are skilled at reducing paint for optimal flow

- those who are an intermediate to advanced skill level

Total Control featuring IWATA's High Performance Plus and Hi-Line airbrushes

Iwata's High Performance Plus airbrush seriesare designed around the legendary Iwata HP Series which established the Iwata name in the creative community over 50 years ago.

The Hi-Line Series with it Micro Air Control (MAC) valve enables incremental control of airflow for a fine to medium spray and creating stipple effects.

Who sprays with Total Control?

- Those who paint with fine to medium level of detail and scale

- Those who are beginner to highly skilled.

- Hobbyists and Professionals

All-Star Versatility feature the IWATA Eclipse Series Airbrush

The Iwata Eclipse Airbrush Series is a unique multi-purpose, high flow airbrush. Designed to easily atomize heavier sprayable mediums from a fine line to to a wide spray-out.

Known as the workhorse of the industry, this easy to use, clean and maintain airbrush, is the airbrush that we all have in our arsenal.

Who sprays with All Star Versatility?

- Those that are just starting out to production/professional artists.

- As your skills grow this airbrush will answer that demand.

- Those that want to use a thicker viscosity or pearlized spray materials

Effortless Coverage Featuring IWATA's Revolution and NEO Airbrushes

Iwata revolution Series and NEO for iwata Series airbrush deliver effortless coverage and quality atomization at lower air pressures. Atomization is achieved using the smallest air compressors making these budget friendly airbrush series a simple choice.

Who sprays with Effortless Coverage?

- Those looking for great atomization at low air pressures

- general hobbyist to high level painters

- Those looking to spray medium range detail and coverage area.

Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush Series

Harder & Steenbeck strive to maintain and promote the art of airbrushing, with over 90 years of manufacturing experience they are setting a high quality industry standards. Harder & Steenbeck offer several different airbrush models for those just starting out to the professional airbrush artists, Your sure to find an airbrush to suit your needs.

They have an airbrush for anyone including those that may have nickel allergies The Evolution series AL airbrush is here for you.


SPARMX airbrushes are the perfect choice for those looking to start airbrushing with a budget friendly price point. SPARMAX Airbrushes are available in several different models.