ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN FUNDS - Winter shipping policy 

ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN FUNDS - Winter shipping policy 

Wicked Colors

Wicked ColorsWicked Airbrush Colors created by Createx Colors are the number one, most widely used and trusted airbrush paint they are an ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint is suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Wicked Colors are perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and most any application. Wicked contains mild amounts of solvent inter-mixed with a durable, exterior-grade resign and automotive pigments for an extremely durable paint that withstands direct, prolonged exposure to outdoors elements without washing or fading.

For automotive refinishing, a durable, catalyzed urethane clear is recommended. Wicked Colors cure to a strong film with air drying alone. Heat Setting  is recommended for t-shirts and fabrics intended for use with multiple washing's. Heat is not required for automotive, illustration and most other applications.

Reduction for airbrushing is about creating the best viscosity to achieve optimum atomization. There is no rigid set of reduction ratios. This changes, depending on color or type (e.g. opaque vs. transparent), airbrush tip-size, psi and technique (e.g. base color vs. fine-line). Reduction ratios are generally 25% for large tip-sizes (0.5mm) and 30-50% for medium tips (0.35mm) and even more for smaller tip sizes. These are starting suggestions; reduce as needed to achieve best atomization.