Top Dawg Adhesion Promoter - Quart

Size: Quart

HP-2010 is a multi-use adhesion promoter that is clear in color. This product can be used on raw plastics such as bumpers before applying primers or top coats.
Door jams: once properly cleaned our adhesion promoter can be sprayed and top-coated in jambs without sanding or used on any other hard to reach ares without the risk of de-lamination. In the custom side of painting HP-2010 has a wide variety of uses. It can be applied directly to metal with no need for sanding.

Polished aluminum looks amazing but not long after it will begin to lose
its luster.  Apply directly to polished aluminum and  clear-coat for a lifelong durable shine.

If you have exceeded the re-coat window on your project simply use HP-2010 after a short flash (dry) time you can paint your next coat without having to sand.

Tamco HP-2010 is a must have for the collision,restoration or custom paint world.


1) Always wash with soap before using a wax and grease remover!
2) Apply 397 with a rag, or a spray bottle
3) WIPE OFF BEFORE IT DRIES, or you will not remove the contaminant! Wipe
off with clean lint free DRY rags.

*Use 397 water-bourne or 398 for plastic and fiberglass parts.

4) Apply 1 light tac coat and allow to flash for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes apply 1 more tac coat.
5) Allow 10 minute flash before top-coating. If allowed to dry for 1 hour you must
apply 1 more coat with a 10 minute flash before proceeding to topcoat.

*Do NOT over-apply this product as it will result in lifting of topcoat. Light coats are all that is needed for this product to function properly.

- proper ventilation and fresh air respirator  - For professional use only
Not for sale or use by the general public

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