Air, Oil and Lead Grisaille Grey Master Set


Air, Oil and Lead Grisaille Grey Master Set

The Steve Gibson - Air Oil & Lead Grisaille Grey Set is a modern approach to Airbrushing, using traditional "Old Masters" Techniques. Steve Gibson is a Fine Art Painter, well-versed in traditional oil painting applications and color theory. This Master Set introduces you to a new twist on a methodology used by traditional Oil Painters. Using 9 Neutral Greys to under-paint, creating values for structure, you then build color using a mixture of proper CMYK hues for finished values and color.

Detailed airbrush performance without compromise. Illustration Colors are highly pigmented, transparent colors which dry to a durable matte finish. These colors meet the expectations of artists who demand airbrush performance straight from the bottle as well as versatility in applications and effects. 

The Grey set is a chemically bonded custom grey set mix based on the Munsell color system  the paint won’t separate. The grey you see is grey you get. 

The Grisaille Grey Master Set includes:
  • 5001 Illustration Neutral Grey 1
  • 5002 Illustration Neutral Grey 2
  • 5003 Illustration Neutral Grey 3
  • 5004 Illustration Neutral Grey 4
  • 5005 Illustration Neutral Grey 5
  • 5006 Illustration Neutral Grey 6
  • 5007 Illustration Neutral Grey 7
  • 5008 Illustration Neutral Grey 8
  • 5009 Illustration Neutral Grey 9
  • 5096 illustration CMYK Magenta
  • 5097 illustration CMYK Yellow
  • 5051 illustration CMYK Black
  • 5068 illustration Opaque White
  • 5078 Illustration Opaque Black
  • 4030 Illustration Mix | Balancing Clear (2 bottles)
  • 4012 High Performance Reducer (2 Bottles)
Grisaille by Steve Gibson Pamphlet

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