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Air, Oil and Lead Grisaille Grey Master Set

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The Steve Gibson - Air Oil & Lead Grisaille Grey Set is a modern approach to Airbrushing, using traditional "Old Masters" Techniques. Steve Gibson is a Fine Art Painter, well-versed in traditional oil painting applications and color theory. This Master Set introduces you to a new twist on a methodology used by traditional Oil Painters. Using 9 Neutral Greys to under-paint, creating values for structure, you then build color using a mixture of proper CMYK hues for finished values and color.

This is a great value set 14 bottles of 2oz. color PLUS 4 additives/reducers

Detailed airbrush performance without compromise. Illustration Colors are highly pigmented, transparent colors which dry to a durable matte finish. These colors meet the expectations of artists who demand airbrush performance straight from the bottle as well as versatility in applications and effects.  The Grisaille Grey Master Set includes 2oz. bottles of:
  • 5001 Illustration Neutral Grey 1
  • 5002 Illustration Neutral Grey 2
  • 5003 Illustration Neutral Grey 3
  • 5004 Illustration Neutral Grey 4
  • 5005 Illustration Neutral Grey 5
  • 5006 Illustration Neutral Grey 6
  • 5007 Illustration Neutral Grey 7
  • 5008 Illustration Neutral Grey 8
  • 5009 Illustration Neutral Grey 9
  • 5096 illustration CMYK Magenta
  • 5097 illustration CMYK Yellow
  • 5051 illustration CMYK Black
  • 5068 illustration Opaque White
  • 5078 Illustration Opaque Black
  • 4030 Illustration Mix | Balancing Clear (2 bottles)
  • Reducer (2 Bottles)
Grisaille Master Set: by Steve Gibson