Airbrush 101 - Scale Model


Introduction to Airbrushing: Scale Models

    This class is geared to the Scale Modelers who are:

    • Not sure what airbrush to buy or what paints to use
    • Not sure what compressor to use 
    • Not sure why the airbrush keeps on clogging up every five seconds!
    • Not sure which paints to use with what reducers or ratios
    • You have an airbrush but skipped the basics 
    • You want to learn how to maintain/troubleshoot

    What do you need to bring?

    • You need to bring a model to paint/practice on. Maple will supply you with everything else.
    • Please wear suitable "art" clothing
    • bring a note pad/pencil
    • No food is allowed in the classroom however, please feel free to bring a bottle of water/pop/coffee  

    This class is being kept intentionally small.


    Sunday Classes : 11 am - 2:30

    Wed Classes: 6:00 pm - 9:30

     This class will cover:

    • Different models of airbrushes
    • how to Disassemble and Reassemble
    • Cleaning & Maintaining your equipment
    • Types of Paint/Paint reductions 
    • Airbrush control and practicing drills
    • trouble shooting tips and tricks
    • surface prep (metal/plastic/textiles etc)
    • Primer application

    Workshop cancellation/refund policy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Airbrush 101 - For Scale Modelers

    This is an excellent course for anyone who uses an air brush. My experience in airbrushing to date was buy it, plug it in and spray with no advice or just funny looks from hobby store staff when I asked questions. Donna's knowledge of air brushing is second to none and she loves to share her knowledge with you in a relaxed atmosphere. Donna covers tips, techniques, and troubleshooting of airbrushing. She also includes time for a practical exercise, with guidance and tips to advance your skills, allowing you time to practise your skills on model or item that you brought in.

    Very Informative Class.

    I am new to airbrushing. I've owned an airbrush for a couple of years but never got much out of it. This class taught me everything I need to properly get started. I now know how to use the airbrush as well as maintain it so that it will continue to work well for me in the coming years. Donna is an excellent instructor giving clear and concise directions. I feel much more confident in my ability to use an airbrush. Thank Donna/Maple Airbrush Supplies. It was well worth the time and money.

    Excellent '101' course

    Excellent review of airbrusing basics; Donna's experience is obvious and I generally found her easy to follow. Covered the different types of airbrushes and the general principles behind their function. Good practice exercises for control and techniques. Very good information on surface prep of models, something I had not been well informed about. We were able to spend a decent portion of the class using the airbrush to apply a basecoat to the model. One thing which I thought would be a good idea to add to the course would be the principle of undershading, particularly for miniature painters, I'm not sure how much use the technique sees in scale modelling. Great class, valuble information!

    Scale model 101 Airbrush course

    Took this course today. Donna is extremely knowledgeable in the art of airbrushing. Recommend for anyone wanting to unleash their potential with this invaluable piece of equipment. Worth every penny!


    Had a great time
    Enjoyed the course
    Highly recommended