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1/3000 Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Airbrush Shaped Model Kit

1/3000 Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Airbrush Shaped Model Kit


by Dream Gear

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Qisheng 1/3000 Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Iwata Version QS02 Limited Edition Model Kit

"ARKHITECT " is a spacecraft based on Iwata HP-C Plus airbrush, the first production of Dream Gear Series.

  • An Airbrush shaped spaceship  Inspired by the Iwata HP-C+ airbrush 
  • Snap-fit kit that does not require adhesive
  • Detailed instruction book for easy assembly
  • Equipped with 22 LEDs and 6 PCBA (control circuit board) light emitting connect it to a device that can be powered by USB

**USB not included

Licensed collaboration with IWATA. Spacecraft based on IWATA HP-C+ Airbrush.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
J.W. (Lindsay, CA)
Excellent Sci-Fi Subject Matter

The Iwata Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer in 1:3000 scale comes with amazing, mood-setting, LED lighting. It builds into a beautiful display piece for those interested in space travel and science fiction.

The kit engineering and detail are outstanding. For the advanced modeller, there is ample opportunity to finish the build rivalling sci-fi movie studio practical effects.

Proficient modellers will find it an enjoyable build, a worthy display piece and a conversation starter.

Tracy Williams (Queen City, US)
The greatest service ever!!!

I had the greatest customer service from Maple Airbrush, Donna wonderful to work with. I purchased this for my husband for a Christmas present, and I was so thankful that Maple Airbrush had one in stock and was able to get it delivered to me.

Bill Allen (Toronto, CA)
Iwata 1/3000 Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer

This is an amazing model kit, yes a model kit of a futuristic spacecraft with Iwata’s name on the box. It is loosely based on an Iwata HP-C+ It rivals the quality of Bandai Gundam kit. The regular version comes with 6 sprues of differing colours (dark grey, light grey, red/brown, frosted clear and black). The Iwata Limited Edition comes with an additional sprue. Also in included are a lighting kit and a USB cable to power the included lighting. The lighting kit is composed of different colours of LEDs so as to compliment the portion of the craft being illuminated. The whole illumination connectivity is cleverly concealed within a stand that supports the craft. The USB cable plugs into the stand. It is designed as press-together model, with no styrene cement required. The completed craft is about 1 1/2 times the size of the HP-C+, so about 9 inches long. Completed straight from the box, this builds up into an amazing ship. With some careful airbrush painting, and the application your favourite weathering mediums, this kit will become a standout! Given all that is included, this kit is a fantastic value for any fan of modelling / airbrushes / sci-fi!

Dok (Winnipeg, CA)
Nifty take on the airbrush...!

The Iwata Arkhitect model that I picked up recently, and received I might add VERY quickly and efficiently from Maple Airbrush(thanks Donna), is a truly unique and fun kit to build with no glue needed and lots of tiny circuit boards to power a series of different coloured LED's. It's so unique and fun to build, that I ordered a second kit from Maple Airbrush. You can leave it as is since the plastic comes in a few colours, or "airbrush" it to your own tastes. A wonderful diversion from the regular tanks. planes and cars we usually build at the bench. HIGHLY recommended...!

L.L. (Binbrook, CA)

Have never had a complaint great service large assortment of top airbrushes and parts. Can't get much better service, turned my Nephew on to you, keep up great job.