Cory Saint Claire Signature Set


Size: 2oz.

Createx Illustration Colors are water-based, multi-surface airbrush acrylics perfected for superior atomization through fine detail airbrushes at low pressure settings illustration paints dry to a matte finish. Featuring durable resin with a delayed cure time, allowing the artist to scratch, erase or otherwise manipulate the painted surface for approximately 48 hours and dry to a matte finish.

For hard-surface application: mix 4030 Balancing Clear with Illustration Colors for an excellent automotive/hard surface adhesion. When mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear, Illustration Colors do not soft erase. 4030 is recommended when painting Automotive/plastics/3d Printing projects and other hard surfaces

2oz. Cory Saint Clair's Signature Box Set contains :

  • 5050 Illustration Colors White
  • 5051 Illustration Colors Black
  • 5037 Illustration Colors Bloodline Injury Ochre
  • 5039 Illustration Colors Bloodline Blood Red
  • 5048 Illustration Colors Bloodline Surgery Sienna
  • W007 Wicked Blue
  • W068 Wicked Detail Raw Umber
  • W009 Wicked Phthalo Green
  • W075 Wicked Detail Black-Magenta
  • W052 Wicked Detail Yellow
  • W076 Detail Cory Saint Clair's Universal Fleshtone
  • 4004 Transparent Base Reducer
  • 4030 Balancing Clear
  • 4011  Reducer x2
  • Precision Caps (twist-top caps)
COLOR by Cory Saint Clair Pamphlet

Customer Reviews

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Dan Kennerley
Cory Saint Claire signature paint set

Great set for everything you need, i really love the wicked stuff because you can use it for all surfaces. The whole box does live up to the name! I really like his signature flesh tone, and the wonders of a drop of this and a drop of that will do to help create many more flesh tones as well.