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Cuttlefish Colors Light and Shadow

Cuttlefish Colors Light and Shadow

SKU: CPD1017

by Creature Caster

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Cuttlefish paints by Creature Caster

The Light & Shadow boxed set contains 16 different paints that have been carefully curated by the Creature Caster team. Revolutionize how you approach painting miniatures.

This paint set contains the following:

  • Altired Lightning
  • Badlands Brown
  • Black Forest
  • Burning Vermillion
  • Catacomb Lichen
  • Channel 6
  • Charred Remains
  • Darkest Depths
  • Ground Dweller Sepia
  • Knuckles Purple
  • Lycanthrope Eyes
  • Mutagenic Green
  • Pink Dragon
  • Safety Dance Orange
  • Scar Tissue Vampire Wine

With these 16 paints, you can be sure that you will be well on your way to learning the basics of the Sketch n Glaze technique used by masters of the industry worldwide. These paints have been pre-formulated to ensure that you get the result that youre looking for when glazing your models.

it is recommended that you use our Merlins Magical Medium as a blending agent. It is specifically designed to work with Cuttlefish Colors Painting System, allow you to create a wide range of washes and filters for your models. It is also a fantastic medium to use when thinning your paints down for use in an airbrush.

Each paint is stored in a generously sized 22ml bottle, and comes complete with a precision control top for easy dispensing.

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