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Mission Models



Mission Models: GOLD is 6061 - T6 Aluminum, is highly reflective 

Do not reduce. Spray directly from a well shaken bottle. The Gold has excellent adhesion properties direct to any surface and can be applied direct to glossy, non-sanded surfaces such as powder-coat, urethane finishes, plastics, and any substrate.

The MMP Gloss Black Base/Gloss White is crucial to obtaining a great finish. Allow the Gloss Black/Gloss White to dry and cure to a glossy finish before applying the Chrome. The Chrome should be applied in very, very light transparent coats. It is essential that some of the Gloss Black/Gloss white base be visible through the paint even on the direct view for amazing brilliant effects

It cannot be stressed enough how light the Gold is applied; too much and the brilliant  effect is lost.