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Createx Colors


Illustration Primary Opaque Set

Size: 1oz.

illustration Primary Opaque Color Swatches

Detailed airbrush performance without compromise. Illustration Opaque Colors are highly pigmented, opaque colors which dry to a durable matte finish. These colors will meet the expectations of artists who demand airbrush performance straight from the bottle and versatility in applications and effects.

The delayed cross linking (approx 48 hours to cure) all for subtle manipulation techniques such as erasing and scratching.

Colors may over-reduced in any ratio with 4011, 4013, 4020 for added durability mix 4030 Balancing Clear   

** When mixed with 4030 soft erasing techniques diminish substantially.

The illustration Opaque Set includes:

  • Opaque White
  • Opaque Yellow
  • Opaque Red
  • Opaque Dark Blue
  • Opaque Black
  • Reducer