Craig Frasers Magic Box of Tricks


Craig Fraser's Magic Box of Tricks

Assembled by auto detail wizard Craig Fraser: the Magic Box of Tricks Set from Iwata contains everything you need to start making your own airbrush magic. From Iwata's most versatile airbrush and compressor to Fraser's informative book and DVD, the Magic Box of Tricks is the next best thing to a personal lesson from an airbrush legend.

Includes the following items:

  • Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush:  is a hard working airbrush that delivers fine detail spray characteristics while spraying the thicker mediums.  The Eclipse HP-CS has earned a reputation in the custom paint world for being the best all-in-one airbrush.

    Features include:
    • 0.35mm Needle and nozzle combination
    • 1/3 oz (9 ml) sized cup (designed for easy clean up)
    • Dual-Action Spray pattern from hairline to 2 in. (50 mm)
    • Single-Cut Handle
    • Adjustable Main Lever Tension
    • Drop-in, self-centering nozzle
  • Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Compressor: A great compressor for the occasional and professional artist doing general airbrush applications. The Smart Jet features auto shut-off and an airbrush holder
  • Createx Wicked Color Detail Sampler Set: Containing 2 oz bottles of Detail White, Detail Black, Detail Yellow,  Detail Cobalt Blue, Detail Carmine, and 4012 High Performance Reducer
  • 8 oz. Bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner: This water based, mild cleaner will keep your Iwata airbrush clean and pristine!
  • Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special FX II Book By Craig Fraser: The most complete how-to book on automotive custom painting and airbrushing ever published.
  • Artool® Kustom FX™ Bullet-Ridden™ Freehand® airbrush template: This hand-held template from Craig Fraser makes it easy to mask many different bullet shapes.
  • Artool® SteamDriven™ Steam Skull™ Freehand®: Airbrush templates (Regular 10”x8”, BONUS: Mini Series 7”x5” and an exclusive micro-mini Template 5”x4”). Create a steampunk Steam Skull™ in multiple sizes with these three Freehand® airbrush templates by Craig Fraser.
  • Craig Fraser’s Magic Box of Tricks DVD: Craig Fraser opens his Magic Box of Tricks and reveals some special FX and airbrush techniques.

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Rod Giles R.G. Rod G.
I'm brand new to airbrushing, and hoped that a "complete" kit would set me up.

I'm brand new to airbrushing, and hoped that a "complete" kit would set me up. I was able to determine that Iwata gear is top quality, so felt this was the kit I wanted. The airbrush seems good, compared to the ones I hefted in hobby stores. The compressor was a little disappointing, using an air bleed to lower pressures. The hoses are barely adequate, and if I buy another airbrush I will have to buy a quick disconnect. The book included is pretty much useless, being concerned with nothing but painting cars, and the instructional dvd is just so-so, as it describes bullet holes and steamskulls, neither of which are of any interest to me. Similarly, the stencils included are of interest to only a very narrow cross section of would be artists.

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