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Mission Models


Pink Primer

Mission Models: Pink Primer

MMP Primer is a 2-part system that must be activated using MMP Thinner only. Because the MMP Primer is thicker than our paint, it must be reduced with our MMP Thinner. Once thinned, the Primer is activated and ready to use. There are no tricks, follow the formula below, adjust depending on need, and spray. (Note: DO NOT add MMP Polyurethane Mix Additive to the primer.)

MMP Primer can ONLY be mixed with MMP Thinner for proper activation (no substitutions). You will find a durable and level finish that requires no sanding unless you have certain requirements. The MMP Primer will not hide the finest of details and dries to the touch in 15-20 minutes.

Recommended Ratio: 3-4 Drops MMP Thinner to 10 Drops MMP Primer.