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Illustration Opaque Black

Illustration Opaque Black

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by Createx

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Createx Illustration Opaque Airbrush Paint Black - 2oz

Createx Opaque Illustration Colors are highly pigmented opaque colors. Initially designed for the illustrator and fine artist Illustration has proven to be very popular with automotive; mural and a wide range of other airbrush artists due to it's ease of use, spray-ability and light-fast automotive grade pigments.

Illustration Opaque Colors spray out-of-the-bottle when using a .3mm needle/nozzle tip-sized airbrush at a wide variety of psi settings without thinning. However, most artists prefer thinning colors.

  • Highly pigmented Opaque colors
  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Light fast, Automotive grade pigments

All illustration Colors have a delayed curing (cross-linking) Easily scratch, erase or manipulate the painted project for an estimated 48 hours, once cured they are a durable hard paint finish.

Durability without waiting for the full cure:  When mixed with 4050 UVLS  or 4030 Balancing Clear  Illustration Colors. Refer to Illustration Colors Technical Data Sheet for more information.

Thin colors with 4011 Reducer, generally 5% - 20% per volume for airbrush, and 5% - 10% per volume for spray-gun.

The amounts of reducer used to thin your paint vary, there are many factors such as airbrush tip-size, technique and color type. The viscosity of specific colors will vary which affects how much reducer is needed to thin colors to the same flow & atomization.

For example, Burnt Umber, a thick heavy pigmented color, will require more than Yellow to spray the same. Subjective preferences also play a role. These mixing guidelines are just a starting reference. If adding excessive amounts of 4011, consider also adding 5090 Transparent Base.

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Monica (Toronto, CA)

I’m very happy with this product and the other illustration colours I purchased! And the shipping was quick!