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4015 Scenix Cross-Linker

AutoAir 4015 Cross-Linker is an essential additive for Scenix Paints and Clears for 4015 is the essential additive for hard surface maximum  adhesion, durability and chemical resistance. Promotes chemical resistance to acid rain, solvents and sunscreen. 4015 is intended for hard surface applications for plastic and other difficult to paint substrates please see the 4016 Cross-Linker.

Suitable additive for other Createx & AutoAir Colors 

  • 4015 becomes inert or in-active after 4 hours when mixed with paint colors and clear and may will require adding addition 4015 to the product
  • do not clean or flush paint mixed with 4012  or 4011 to clean your airbrushes, spray guns, rollers or paint brushes.  Promotes accelerated curing use water and airbrush cleaner.  Flush with 4008 airbrush restorer to clean dried/cured paint from.
  • Refer to the technical Data Sheet for more application information

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Mix Ratio:
  • 1 drop of 4015 per 1 ounce of paint
  • 2oz: 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-gallon of Scenix
  • 1oz 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-quart (32 ounces)
  • Reduce with 4011 or 4012 for Airbrush or Spray Gun application

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    4015 Cross-Linker

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