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4015 Scenix Cross-Linker


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4015 Scenix Cross-Linker

4015 Cross-Linker is an essential cross-linker added to all Scenix Paints and Clears for maximum chemical resistance. 

  • When mixed with Cross-Linker, Scenix colors are very durable paints that have chemical resistance to acid rain, solvents and sunscreen (Scenix colors and clears do not "blacken" or emulsify from repeated exposure to sunscreen).

  • Mix Ratio
    • 2oz: 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-gallon of Scenix
    • 5oz 4015 Cross-Linker with 1-quart (32 ounces)
Colors and clear have a 4 hour pot-life after mixed with 4015 Cross-Linker.

    Scenix Technical Data Sheet