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Scratch Pen Set


Scratch Brush Retractable Pen Set

Retractable Pen Brushes with bristles of Brass, Nylon and Fiberglass

These Pen Brushes allow the bristles to retract into the protective pen-style housing to secure them from damage when not in use. The brushes are offered with metal ferrules for improved durability and varying bristle resistance. These scratch brushes are often used alone or in combination to:

  • Erase on metal; clay board; scratch board canvas; paper
  • Erase in layers
  • Create textures, highlights and fine details such as fur
  • Lightly "distress" or antique small areas of your art
  • Removes rust or corrosion, or to polish in hard to reach places
  • Remove burrs and smooth rough areas
These are a MUST have item for your box of tricks

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