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Wicked Kent Lind Warm Beach Set

2oz Createx Wicked Detail Airbrush Warm Color Set Wicked Colors and Wicked Detail Colors are water-based, multi-surface airbrush acrylics designed for versatility with optimum performance on any project. Heavily saturated with lightfast pigments and using a durable resin, Wicked Colors are an excellent choice for interior or exterior applications. Also lightfast and durable, Wicked Detail Colors use sub-micron sized resin particles allowing for atomization through fine detail airbrushes at low air pressure settings and giving them the highest level of transparency of all the Wicked Colors.

Contains 2 oz.: 

  • W052 Wicked Detail Yellow
  • W054 Wicked Detail Orange
  • W064 Wicked Detail Magenta
  • W005 Wicked Red
  • W015 Wicked Crimson
  • W010 Wicked Brown
  • W050 Wicked Detail White
  • W051 Wicked Detail Black