Collection: AK Interactive Wargame Enamel Liquid Pigments

Unlike traditional pigments, AK interactive Enamel liquid pigments allow for greater control . This range of products has been formulated to be able to create weathering effects on terrains and vehicles, offering a realistic finish for your diorama creating realistic desert, jungle, fantasy and Sci-Fi themed scenes.

They do not require a pigment fixative for application and, once dry, have a much better adhesion than dry pigments. They are very easy to apply directly with a brush, layer, move and manipulated for the perfect effect. Matte finish.

The range of colors of the Wargames line allows the user to create different effects and/or  different weather conditions on different planets and scenes and are perfect for creating dust and dirt effects, mud, rust, and more by applying them in different areas of the model or terrain.

An effective tool with surprising results for dust, mud or soil accumulation. It increases the realism of your models and widens the range of possibilities. Its enamel medium allows total control in its application, the possibility of correction in case of undesired results for a longer period than an acrylic medium and we have incorporated drying accelerators so that you can put your miniatures in play quickly. Finally, the adhesion achieved is far superior to that of classic pigments, even to the touch.

These pigments are complementary to other products, even to traditional powder pigments, and their combination can give us an infinite number of new effects. The mineral solvent contained in the formula is fast evaporating to allow a fast drying, matte finish, without altering the color of the pigment.