Collection: Turbo Dork

Turbo Dork Colorshift and Metallic Paint

2024 Remix  - New 22ml PET bottles - All new formula 

Don't worry if the color of the paint looks different in the bottle then you expected. Shake the bottle until you hear the mixing ball rattling around, then shake, shake and then shake some more.

Check your bottle tip!! Make sure it is clear BEFORE squeezing to avoid squirting more out of the bottle then you intended.

Easy clean-up! Use Iwata Media Airbrush cleaner for cleanup, for your airbrush or paint brush.
How do you get the best color shift effects? Use the recommended base color you will find on the bottle label. We also encourage your to experiment using other base colors for different color shift effects.
Go easy! Patience is key! Build your colors "blasting" this paint on or laying a lot of color on with a brush at once, is not a good idea, nice light layers, building your color to your desired effects.

Airbrushing Recommendation:

  • .5 nozzle/nozzle airbrush combination.
  • Thinning/diluting ratio: 3 Parts paint to 1 part reducer.
Recommended reducer: AK Interactive Thinner  or 4011 Reducer  works best. Water is not recommended for Turbo Dork Paints Smaller needle/nozzle combinations will need more thinner.