Collection: UVLS Clear Coat

UVLS Clears are suitable for interior & exterior application on projects such as sign, sculpture, cosplay, RC & scale modeling, and much more

UVLS stands for Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer; clears contain UV protection for underlying colors, especially helpful when top-coating Candy2o and other dyes stains.

  • UVLS Clear may be used as inter-coat or a flake carrier when painting automotive and may be directly top-coated with a 2k automotive clear.
  • UVLS Clears are compatible with and may be used as top-coat- for any Createx paint for applications other than automotive.
  • UVLS Clears are water-resistant after curing but are not intended for water submersion. Use a marine-grade or 2k clear as a top-coat over Createx paints when submersion in water or allowing water to pool for an extended period on the painted surface is an intended application.
  • UVLS Clears are not automotive-grade, meaning they do not have the mar (scratch) nor chemical resistance of a catalyzed (2k), automotive-grade clear; UVLS Clear are not intended as top-coat clears when painting a car, motorcycle, or helmet.

UVLS Clears have excellent flexibility over leather, vinyl, flexible plastics and more, excellent for cosplay & costuming.

 - 4050 Gloss has the best adhesion and is the recommend UVLS Clear for use as a primer. -  

UVLS Application Data - Technical Data Sheets