Collection: Candy₂O

Candy 2o - True Candy Performance

Createx Candy2o Colors are Transparent Aniline Dyes offering stunning translucent custom finishes for your project. Vibrant colors that are easy to spray for the best effects spray over metallic or pearl bases.

  • Concentrate in the bottle mix with 4050 UVLS
  • Thin with 4011 Reducers
  • Mix with Wicked Chrome, Gold chrome. to create an anodize candy coat
  • Compatible with all Createx Paints and more water-based paint
  • may be top coated with any urethane clear coats

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Apply 4040 Bleed Checker over candy2o to prevent bleeding [leaching] of the dyes into top-coated colors or clear. 


The following specs are recommended as a starting point. Reduce and adjust settings & psi to achieve a spray pattern that is smooth and free of large, color droplets or a “grainy” over-spray look.

  • spray-gun: 1.2 – 1.3mm tip, 25 – 35 psi
  • mini-gun: 0.8 – 1.0mm, 25 – 35 psi
  • airbrush: 0.5mm - mixing with 4050 UVLS, reduce with 4011 Reducer as needed to achieve optimum atomization