Wicked: Pearls & Metallic

Createx Colors: Wicked Pearl and Metallic Airbrush Paints

These Wicked Airbrush paints are made with tinted mother of pearl to create vivid colors that reflect light with a luster and iridescence rarely seen elsewhere in nature.

Wicked Airbrush Paints are a multi-surface airbrush color made with light-fast pigments and exterior-grade resins which are universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and 2k clear coats.  

They and are suitable for: automotive refinishing, textiles, hard-surfaces, canvas, paper, plastic, fishing lures; taxidermy, wood and more. 

** Special Order Paint: Please allow and additional 7 - 10 days for your order to ship - Once the paint has been ordered there are no refunds/exchanges 


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Createx Colors W303 Pearl Red $6.99
Createx Colors 2oz. Pearl White $6.99
Createx Colors 2oz. Pearl Yellow $6.99
Createx Colors 2oz. Platinum $6.99
Createx Colors 2oz. Silver $6.99
Createx Colors W300 Pearl Black $6.99
Createx Colors W304 Pearl Blue from $6.99
Createx Colors Pearl Lime Green $6.99
Createx Colors W306 Pearl Orange $6.99
Createx Colors W350 Metallic Gold from $6.99
Createx Colors W353 Fastback Green $6.99
Createx Colors W354 Aluminum $6.99
Createx Colors Wicked Pearl Plum from $6.99