Collection: Flake King Metal Flake & Dry Flake Guns

Simply apply a wet coat of clear, grab your dry flake gun and spray your flake ! You will achieve almost 100% in a single application.

TIP: When you have the desired effect, you can use your spray gun or airbrush and blow just air across your project laying your flake down flat onto/into the clear. Using this method will ensure that you will have almost no flake standing up, there will be less coats of clear to bury your flake.

Benefits of applying Dry Flake:

  • Spray the largest of your flakes! Your not limited by a spray guns needle/nozzles size.
  • Cost Effective!! You use less flake and clear! 
  • No flake in your clear coat gun, showing up at the most in-opportune time, contaminating the next clear job you are doing for days or weeks to come
  • Reduce the risk of clear coat failure & potential “sagging” of flake and clear
  • Increases speed significantly – by days for a large job
  • Improves the clean-up process – when you apply the dry flake  it simply brushes off. Your not "encapsulating" the flake in overspray which is time consuming to clean up your area after spraying flake "wet".
  • Using a dry flake gun saves an immense amount of time and material. - all you need to do is decide which model you need!
Recommendations for your water based wet coat: such as AutoBorne Transparent Sealer4050 UVLS Gloss Clear (FK50 - BINDER) or any other transparent base - don't forget you can also spray the dry flake into a wet coat of paint creating your own unique application!