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Don't see what your looking for? Call us (780) 760 - 7733

Flake King

Dry Flake Gun

Save time and material with the Flake King Dry Flake gun. This dry flake gun was developed to apply dry metal flake to a wet coat of clear or other mediums including water-born products! No mixing more then you need simply spray your inter-coat/clear and follow up with the Dry Flake Gun for greater control and accuracy. 

Using the Flake King Dry Flake gun you can spray any size flake without the need for large guns with large needle nozzle size.


Flake King Metal Flake is a polyester automotive grade dry flakes, they are double coated, ultra lightfast and lays down easily. automotive grade flake creates maximum

  • Solvent and UV resistant
  • All 100g jars will attach directly to the to the Flake King 1000
  • All 15g jars attach directly to the Flake King Mini Gun and the Airbrush adapter
  • Extra empty jars are also available.
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