Createx Airbrush Paint

Createx Colors Airbrush Paint are widely used and trusted by professional artist. Made with Light-fast pigments and durable automotive grade exterior acrylic resins make these airbrush paints usage endless.

We have the paint you need, regardless of surfaces or projects Glass Exterior Murals, Black Light Murals, RC Bodies, Scale Models, Games Workshop scale Model, War Hammer, figurines, Custom Graphics I could go on for ever there is literally an airbrush paint for everything your painting from direct to metal and plastic and other hard to paint surfaces find your paint here.

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AutoBorne Sealers

AutoBorne Transparent Sealer isn't just a Sealer it can also be used as an Adhesion promoter. Apply 6000 direct to most plastics. For difficult to paint plastics, 4016 Cross-Linker may be added for improved adhesion and scratch & mar resistance for plastic.For direct to metal/Aluminium  use 4015 Cross-Linker.


Intensity Airbrush colors from Tamco are pure, clean,intense toners that are solvent based. Literally takes drops to get many jobs done user friendly and easy to spray.  8oz metal containers.

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