Collection: CAR-REP 2K Aerosol Paint

What makes Car-Rep Spray Paint System products truly unique is the revolutionary Wise 2K™ Technology.

Unlike other 2K aerosol products on the market, Car-Rep’s Wise 2K technology features both the hardener and the paint in a patented one-compartment can that allows the hardener to only activate once sprayed — not inside the can.

This not only makes Car-Rep incredibly easy to use, but it also means our products have unlimited pot life so you can use entire contents of each can with no wasted product.

Our easy-to-use products will help you achieve the superior, corrosion, chemical, and UV resistant finish you can only get from 2K.

Car-Rep 2K Clear Coats
Surface Preparation: Make sure the surface is clean before application. Sand if necessary. When applied over base coat, clean the surface with a pre paint cleaner such as degreaser. Make sure the cleaner doesn’t contain strong solvents such as thinner or acetone. For previously painted surfaces, make sure the previous layer is fully cured before overpainting if not advised otherwise.



Aerosol spraying distance: 15-25 cm (6-10 in)

Coats: Maximum 3 layers

Flash-off time: 3 min between layers

Application: It is better to apply more thin layers than a few thick layers. Final layer should always be a wet layer. Application and curing temperature 18-25°C (64-77°F) Polishing: After curing overnight or 40 min @ 70 °C (158 °F)

Clean nozzle: By holding the can upside down and spraying for 5 seconds