Createx Airbrush Paint Sets

Createx Airbrush Paint Sets Quality Name Brand Airbrush Colors Paint Sets:

We have put together a collection of the every popular Createx Branded Paint Sets including some "Custom" sets by Maple! Createx Airbrush Paint are widely used and trusted by Artists, Creators and the Professional.

Wicked Paints:  Made with a durable exterior-grade resign and automotive pigments that withstands direct, prolonged exposure to outdoors elements without fading. Multi Surface, Multi Purpose.

Illustration Paints: The paints are are designed to flow through the smallest needle/nozzle combinations.  Not just for the illustrator! Widely used in every airbrush application Taxidermy, Automotive; Wood, Fur, the extensive color pallet will not disappoint. - The addition of 4050 UVLS may be necessary for your application.

Createx Colors: These paints are best sprayed with larger tip-sizes at higher PSI settings widely used for fishing lures; RC Bodies, Textile; Wood and more due to the design of the paints if your looking  and fine-line performance through smaller airbrush tip sizes at lower PSI setting look at the Wicked or Illustration paints by Createx to the

- It's always recommended to wear a mask when airbrushing

Createx Colors Createx Tropical Set $34.99 CAD