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Winter Shipping Policy is in Effect!
Winter Shipping Policy is in Effect!
Unleash the Artist in You
Unleash the Artist in You

Meet Airbrushing – Your new creative sidekick in crafting, designing, and modeling.

Why Airbrushing?

Have you ever looked at an art piece, a DIY project, or a scale model and wondered how such intricate details and stunning color gradients were achieved?

Unlimited Opportunities

Airbrushing is not just another painting technique; it's a doorway to a world full of vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unlimited opportunities.

Bring your Projects to Life

From detailed scale models to extraordinary tabletop miniature game paintings, airbrushing brings your projects to life like never before.

Welcome to Maple Airbrush Supplies, where creativity knows no bounds!

Whether you're a crafting enthusiast, a DIY expert, or exploring the world of art, we've got something unique for you.

Creative Benefits

Creative Benefits

Airbrush painting allows you to create the illusion of shadows, transparency and subtle shading effects that are not easily replicated with traditional brushes or palette knives.

The technique is often used to give an even and consistent surface a high level of realism.

Crafting Lovers

Crafting Lovers

Transform your everyday crafting into something extraordinary. With airbrushing, you can create stunning designs that make your crafts unique and captivating.

Explore our wide selection of airbrushing tools and materials and discover how you can turn simple crafts into dazzling works of art.

DIY Enthusiasts

DIY Enthusiasts

Take your DIY projects to the next level with the elegance of airbrushing. From home furnishings to personalized gifts, our airbrushing kits offer everything you need for that perfect finish.

Scale Model Fans

Scale Model Fans

Bring your scale models to life with the precision and flair of airbrushing. Our professional-grade supplies help you create realistic and detailed models that stand out.

Everybody Else

Everybody Else

March to your own beat? We love that!

Our customers are always exploring the endless possibilities of airbrushing. 

Imagine how it can intensify your projects, including fishing lures, cosplay, automotive, footwear, ceramics, murals, taxidermy, props, and just about any fabric, canvas or acetate.

Ready to Embrace the World of Airbrushing?

Airbrushing workshop 101 

No Equipment needed, everything is provided for classroom use.

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About Us

At Maple Airbrush Supplies, we offer an extensive range of high-quality airbrushing equipment, paints, and accessories for all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to experiment with a new hobby or a seasoned artist seeking professional-grade supplies, we've got you covered. 

Why Us

Quality Products: We offer top-notch airbrushing equipment suitable for all skill levels.

Expert Guidance: Our team of subject matter experts are here to guide you through your artistic journey.

Competitive Price: With products that fit all budgets, we ensure that creativity is accessible to everyone.

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