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Aluminum Medium

SKU W354-02
by Createx
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Size: 2oz

Createx Wicked Colors Metallic Airbrush Paint

Made with actual aluminum flake, its unique properties separate it from other Wicked Colors. They're highly reflective, making them an ideal base for candy colors. They are excellent as a standalone silver finish.

Aluminium is also a great stand alone highly reflective silver finish, when color keyed primer sealer: 6013 AutoBorne Silver Sealer.

Wicked metallics are a multi-surface paint with exceptional adhesion properties. They are made with an exterior-grade automotive resin light-fast pigments, which is universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and clears.

Createx Wicked Colors Metallic Airbrush Paint :

  • Reduce with 4011 or 4013
  • Coverage: semi-opaque out of the bottle.
  • Same as Auto-Air Colors 4300 Series Colors.

Wicked Metallics may also be mixed with 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear (recommended) or 4030 Balancing Clear to create a durable acrylic-urethan resin blend that adheres better to hard surfaces and cures to a more durable, mar-resistant coating.

Suitable for metal, aluminium, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, concrete and most porous surfaces

Aluminum Bases are sensitive to touch. Do not wipe clean or scuff after painting as any direct contact will create visible streak marks in the final finish due to the aluminum flakes being bent & crushed when wiped. The aluminum flakes are brilliant

Apply a clear top-coat or candy mid-coat is recommended soon after Aluminum Bases have cured. You can also apply 4004 Transparent Base or 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear, if extended time is planned before top-coating as inter-coat will protect from direct contact when cleaning prior to clear.

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