4030 Technical Data Sheets | Usage and Application Information

Technical Data Sheet

4030 Balancing Clear
Urethane Resin
VOC 67 g/L Reg.


Appears milky in solution.  Dries to a satin, clear finish.


1) Mix Additive | Balancing Clear

Mix with any Createx paint to create an acrylic-urethane paint. 
Adding 4030  Mix Additive to Createx paints:

  • Improves adhesion and durability (mar resistance)
  • Improves leveling and edge retention
  • Decreases surface tension allowing for heavier coats without cratering and improves leveling
  • Reduces drying times

4030 is generally added 10% per volume to Createx paints.

  • Refer to candy2o tech data sheet for candy mix ratios.
  • Scenix Mural & Theme Paint and AutoBorne Sealer do not require 4030 for improved performance.

4030 is a resin and may be added in any ratio without affecting adhesion.  Adding 4030 to paint increases transparency. Add 4030 to paint, then dilute with 4011 Reducer. After mixing, allow paint 10 minutes to acclimate to additives for optimum spray performance.

2) Inter-coat Clear

4030 may be used as a clear.  While not intended as a top-coat clear for automotive refinishing, it works well as an inter-coat for taping & masking over for graphic applications. 
When fully cured, 4030 is a water-resistant clear that is suitable for prolonged exposure to exterior conditions.


When applied as a clear, 4030 is best thinned ~ 5% with 4011 Reducer and applied in medium coats. 
Apply 2 – 3 coats with a 50/50 overlapping pattern for pin-hole free coverage.

  • Airbrush – 0.5mm ~ 25 - 30 psi
  • Spray-gun – 1.2mm – 1.3mm ~ 18 – 22 psi inlet

Drying Times

Estimated drying and curing times are set at 70⁰ F (21⁰ C) and 50% or less Relative Humidity.  Allow for extended drying times in colder or humid conditions. Mixing 4030 with paint assists in decreasing drying times.

When used as a clear, re-coat times are approximately 10 -15 minutes.  After the last coat is applied, time to tape & handle is approximately 30 minutes. 

Time to top-coating with a final clear should be 60 minutes at a minimum.  Full cure is approximately 24 hours after drying. 

Scuffing is not required prior to top-coating with Createx paint or clear.

4030 compared to UVLS Clears / 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

4030 is a urethane resin that is softer compared to UVLS Clears, which are an acrylic – aliphatic polyurethane clear.   4030 works best as a mix-additive for adding to Createx paints for improved performance when painting hard surfaces. UVLS Clears are a higher solids clear compared to 4030 and do not spray as well when mixed with Createx paints such as Wicked Colors, Illustration Colors and Createx Airbrush Colors.

For candy2o, 4030 is the original carrier-medium for mixing with the concentrated candy2o dyes. 4030 still works well with candy2o for airbrush application, however for spray-gun application and when applying candy2o as a mid-coat over a metallic base, 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear is a better carrier-medium.  When mixed with 4050, candy2o sprays more evenly with quicker coverage compared to mixing candy2o with 4030.  candy2o mixed with 4050 also have improved adhesion and mar resistance compared to mixing with 4030.

UVLS Clears also work better as an inter-coat clear compared to 4030, however both work well as an inter-coat clear.
UVLS Clears dry quicker cure to a harder coating, which makes them more suitable for application with a spray-gun and for hard-surfaces and automotive application.

Pot-Life & Storage

4030 does not have a pot-life after mixing with reducer, nor do Createx paints when mixed with 4030.

4030 promotes drying and curing, only add 4030 to colors intended to be used within 3 – 4 weeks, and always keep bottles capped airtight.

4030 thinned with 4011 Reducer, or other Createx reducer, is best applied within a 12-hour period for best spray consistency, flow and leveling. Every time reduced 4030 is introduced to fresh air, some curing occurs at the surface level introduced to air, which promotes curing and will eventually increase viscosity and affect spray performance.

Keep 4030 capped air-tight when not pouring from the bottle. Store away from direct light in a cool, dark environment such as a paint cabinet or box in a closet.

Cleaning from Airbrush or Spray-Gun

4030 and colors mixed with 4030 are best rinsed from the airbrush or spray-gun with 5618 Airbrush Cleaner or 4011 Reducer. Use 4008 Restorer as a rinse for final clean to remove dried paint from metallic parts.

Cleaning 4030 Balancing Clear after Curing

4030 should only be cleaned thoroughly dried. Use a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits to clean.
Often, a dry, tack-free wipe is adequate to clean 4030.


This product will perform as claimed if directions are followed. Warranty is limited to replacement or refund value of product.  No other warranty is expressed or implied.

Health & Safety

Use in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use.  Do not ingest. When spraying or sanding, use a properly-fitting NIOSH approved respirator per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention.
Inhalation: Use in in well ventilated areas and wear a NIOSH approved respirator.
Refer to 4030 SDS for additional information.


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