Classroom Expectations

Here at Maple we strive to provide you with the best possible classroom experience that we can, but we need your help to reach those goals.

Classes start at 9:30 - Doors open to the participants @ 9am sharp

Personal Equipment:

Please only bring your airbrushes (as many as you like) and general cleaning supplies

Airlines are provided with quick-connects as needed, please bring a 1/8th male quick connect for your airbrushes. If you don’t have one, please see Donna or Elyssa

Space is limited at the tables. Please do not bring your own easels or other equipment such as chairs, etc

Do not change/re-configure your workstation. - This can be problematic with air-lines and other participants. 

Accessibility: Please contact us upon registration if you require any specific accommodations

Artwork: Do not handle/touch artwork that is not your own or any artwork that may be on display

Sponsorship/Classroom Supplies:

Paint is provided through sponsorship by Createx Colors and Maple Airbrush Supplies. It is not to be removed or poured off and taken home. This paint is used in multiple different classes. Sponsorship is limited and helps keep our classes affordable!

Please ensure that all provided supplies (stencils, knives, tape, paint etc) are used and returned appropriately.

If you need supplies not included in the classroom - Please let us know!

Door Prizes: On occasion - our sponsors will provide door prices for our multi-classes, these will be drawn for at the end of the multi-day class if there are any gifts provided.

Help us out by making this a great class:

When there is instruction, please be respectful and keep side chatter to a minimum. Keep your language clean please!

If you feel you are falling behind or are getting frustrated let us know!! That's what we are here for–these classes are to connect, learn and grow

End of Class: Please dispose of your garbage and take all personal items with you.

Return all classroom provided materials to the main table.

Used blades PLEASE put them in the marked blade disposal container!

Thank You for taking this into consideration when attending workshops at Maple working together, we can create a great instructional experience for everyone.

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