Flat Rate Shipping now Available **Qualified Orders

Shipping Information

Flat Rate/Winter Shipping Policy

Updated: June 13, 2022

- Full Shipping Policy click here

Flat Rate Shipping: Canada Post Expedited Parcel 

Alberta: $10.00 (Orders over $85.00) - Estimated Delivery 3-5 days
British Columbia/Saskatchewan/Manitoba: $12.00 (Orders over $125.00) Estimated Delivery 5-7 days
Eastern/Atlantic Canada:  $15.00 (Orders over $125.00) Estimate Delivery 7-10 days

Additional Shipping Charge MAY Apply

You will be contacted via e-mail.

 Due to system limitations you MAY be contacted for orders that exceed 2.5KG Weight Restrictions. We will do our absolute best to work with you.

Non-delivery: All shipping labels are printed exactly as provided by customer. Customer bears all responsibility for all fees/damages incurred for invalid/incorrect shipping addresses. 

 Winter Shipping:

Water-based products may not survive a Freeze/Thaw cycle.  Maple takes every possible precaution to ensure that your items are packed and wrapped for winter shipping.

- Maple will not be held responsible for spoiled paint, no refunds or replacements will be considered - no exceptions. - 

- Any cancellations or refund requests are subject to our refund policy

Recommendation: FedEx 2 DAY or FedEx Overnight - DO NOT CHOOSE CANADA POST WHEN PURCHASING PAINT - 

Here at Maple we are trying to work with the extreme cold weather the best way we can. We have purchased extra packing that we don't normally use however if this mean that you get your paint in good condition it was worth it.

Now it's time for you to help us out a bit to get the paint to you in usable condition, how can you do this? Choose faster shipping, Choose FedEX.  GET A HEAT PACK too! 

I understand FEDEX shipping methods are more expensiveunfortunately this is what we have to work with at this time .

Go to fedex.com  through this link and change your delivery options - this way the package is NOT left at your door to freeze while your aways - and Porch Pirates will NOT get your package!

Shipping companies are increasing safety measures at their facilities which can slow sorting.  All carriers have suspended their guaranteed delivery time frame .

Un-thawing frozen paint: remove lid using long (clean) stick stir/break-up the frozen paint making sure you get all the way to the bottom of the bottle. Replace lid, do not "heat" paint let it un-thaw naturally,  it's best to put the frozen bottles on a paper towel or on a surface that paint will not affect/ruin. (as paint un-thaws it may push out of the bottle using the stick break stir it up a few times) You can add 4011 reducer back into your paint if it is thickened in transite.

You may be able to save your paint, once it has un-thawed it may be "thicker" then normal.  Add the appropriate thinner to the paint bottle and shake well. 

    You must notify Maple of any concerns with-in 3 days of receiving the order. - no exceptions. 

    Go to fedex.com  through this link and change your delivery options - this way the package is NOT left at your door to freeze while your aways - and Porch Pirates will NOT get your package!

    Go to canadapost.com through this link and change your delivery options! This way you can request the package HELD at your local pick-up point