Winter Shipping Policy

    Updated: December 11, 2022

    We are asking you to read the following and help us out a bit,  how can you do this? Follow our policy and recommendations list below. Here at Maple we do everything possible to insulate your paint. - This does NOT imply any guarantees 

    We have successfully shipped paint for years durning winter months 

    Winter Shipping: Water-based products most likely will not survive a Freeze/Thaw cycle.  Maple takes every possible precaution to ensure that your items are packed and wrapped for winter shipping.


    2. Go to  through this link and change your delivery options - this way the package is NOT left at your door to freeze while your aways - and Porch Pirates will NOT get your package! 
    3. Purchase a heat pack
    4. Order your paint Saturday - Monday 
    5. Check warnings and Consider Peak Season Shipping Delays December 15 - January 5

    We have: 

    • Warnings and links to our winter shipping policy
    • On occasion we will post winter advisories AND hold paint orders
    • We check the weather BUT we are not weather experts and can NOT predict temperatures
    • We use insulated pouches when a heat pack is ordered
    • We ASK that you purchase a 96 hour heat pack
    • December 11, 2023 we implemented a CHECK BOX that you MUST check off to proceed through the check-out. 
    • We have text and links on Collections
    • Warnings and suggestions on the order confirmation

    - Full Shipping Policy click here

    Premier Shipping Protection does not apply to frozen paint

    Order cancelations are subject to our cancelation policy 

    - Maple will not be held responsible for spoiled paint, no refunds or replacements will be considered

    - Any cancellations or refund requests are subject to our refund policy

    Premier Shipping Protection does NOT apply to frozen paint see this policy here

    We understand FEDEX shipping methods are more expensive unfortunately, this is what we have to work with at this time .

    Un-thawing frozen paint (no guarantee this will work:) remove lid using long (clean) stick stir/break-up the frozen paint making sure you get all the way to the bottom of the bottle. Replace lid, do not "heat" paint let it un-thaw naturally, it's best to put the frozen bottles on a paper towel or on a surface that paint will not affect/ruin. (as paint un-thaws it may push out of the bottle using the stick break stir it up a few times)