Shipping Policy

The policy here at Maple Airbrush Supplies is to ship orders the next business day, it is not uncommon (but not guaranteed) for orders placed before 1:00 pm (MST) to be en-route by 5:00 pm.

If our customers see fit to offer us their business then we see fit to offer the service they deserve. - ACCEPT NOTHING LESS - 

Fraud Prevention in effect: We reserve the right to refuse order/payments 

WINTER SHIPPING POLICY: Maple takes every possible precaution to ensure that your items are packed and wrapped for winter shipping. Maple will not be held responsible for spoiled paint, no refunds or replacements will be considered - no exceptions:

Paints that do not survive a freeze/ thaw are AutoBorne Sealer, candy2o, 4030 Balancing Clear and 4040 Bleed Checker some pearls/flakes,Scenix, Satin/Matte/Gloss water borne clears. Mission Model Primers/Clears and Polyurathane.

Un-thawing frozen paint: remove lid using long (clean) stick stir/break-up the frozen paint making sure you get all the way to the bottom of the bottle. Replace lid and place somewhere that is warm (not hot) it's best to put the frozen bottles on a towel or on a surface that paint will not affect/ruin. (as paint un-thaws it can push out of the bottle using the stick break stir it up a few times)

Consider choosing on checkout

  • Canada Post Xpresspost
  • Consider adding signature required: click here

 *Special Requests/Special Order: subject to market rates.

  • Maple will ship your preferred  carrier using your account however please note the there is a $5.00 administrative fee for this service.

Because of distance or remoteness Maple Airbrush Supplies cannot guarantee calculated shipping rates: to all our customers, however, we will work with you to obtain the fastest and most economical shipping rates available. 

Shipping Restrictions: No shipping on Provincial Statutory holidays (Alberta, Canada)see:  

Non-delivery: If a package cannot be delivered to the shipping address provided, it is the customer's responsibility to pay all additional shipping costs and return shipping as charged by Canada Post. - NO EXCEPTIONS

Maple Airbrush is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We will try to issue a claim with the shipper,  but that does not guarantee payment. The purchaser is responsible to pay for any re-orders/shipping in full. If the shipper pays the claim we will reimburse you for the full amount of the claim.

Please request "signature required" when ordering.  There is an additional fee of $3.50 for that service, you can add it to your cart - Click Here

Damaged Shipment: Thankfully this does not happen very often, however, if you receive your order and suspect that by the condition of the box or something is damaged/broken.  You need to contact Maple within 48 hours of receiving the shipment .

You will also need to RETAIN all packing and the box.Take pictures!! Lots of Pictures  You will be contacted by the carrier,

  • if you choose not to co-operate or reply to the carrier, your damaged order will not be replaced or refunded.
  • If you discard the damaged box and have NO pictures  of how the products were packed/wrapped - your product will not be replaced or refunded.

Maple with work with you to ensure the best possible out come.

USA Shipping: If you choose "International Small Packet Shipping" which is usually the least expensive way to ship your order, there is no tracking available.  Depending on your location, it can take 10-18 days to receive your item or longer. Maple has no control over this and bears no responsibly for refunding or replacing your order. Maple will work with you and make every effort to make claims through the carrier and will refund if a carrier refund is made, however no claims will be processed until 45 days after the order has shipped.

 Duty/Taxes: Depending on the policies of your country's customs department, you may be charged import duty and VAT (value added tax) on your exchange shipment. We note on all customs paperwork that the package contains exchange merchandise and any applicable duty and taxes were already paid on your original order; however, it is ultimately up to each country's customs department to determine if the shipment will be subject to duty and taxes again