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    Illustration Opaque Colors

    The Illustration Opaque Airbrush Paint

    Vivid Opaque Colors with a high pigment saturation with the same atomization and soft-erasing as Createx Illustration Colors.

    • Highly pigmented
    • Dries to a matte finish Light fast;
    • Automotive grade pigments
    • Thin with 4011 Reducer for optimal performance

    Illustration Colors will meet the expectations of artists who demand exacting airbrush performance straight from the bottle.

    Designed for refined atomization through any airbrush tip-size, large or small, operated at mid to lower psi settings. Colors flow when faded from full saturation to tint strength without a "grainy" or stipulated over-spray.

    Colors have a delayed curing cycle during which colors erase easily and after 48 hours cure to a hard coating. 

    When mixed with 4030 Balancing Clear or 4050 UVLS. Illustration Colors do not soft erase.


    5068: Opaque White
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    Createx Colors 5068: Opaque White from $10.97 CAD
    5069: Opaque Yellow
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    Createx Colors 5069: Opaque Yellow $10.97 CAD
    5070: Opaque Chrome Yellow
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    Createx Colors 5070: Opaque Chrome Yellow $10.97 CAD
    5071: Opaque Orange
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    Createx Colors 5071: Opaque Orange $10.97 CAD
    5072: Opaque Red Orange
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    Maple Airbrush Supplies 5072: Opaque Red Orange $10.97 CAD
    5073: Opaque Red
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    Createx Colors 5073: Opaque Red $10.97 CAD
    5074: Opaque Light Blue
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    Createx Colors 5074: Opaque Light Blue $10.97 CAD
    5075: Opaque Dark Blue
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    Createx Colors 5075: Opaque Dark Blue $10.97 CAD
    5076: Opaque Purple
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    Createx Colors 5076: Opaque Purple $10.97 CAD
    5077: Opaque Green
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    Createx Colors 5077: Opaque Green $10.97 CAD
    Createx Colors 5078: Illustration Opaque Black from $10.97 CAD