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3G Oak Leaf Autumn-Winter

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The tones of this 3Gen set have been selected for painting the legendary Autumn/Winter uniforms used by Waffen-SS troops during WWII.

In the set you will find the basic colors, shadows and lights for base uniforms Oak Leaf, Palm Three and Plane Tree patterns, and its spots.

You can mix them to achieve diverse shades, as they could vary depending on their origin.

This set contains:

  • AK11418 Waffen Fall/Winter Shadow (Brown Black).
  • AK11416 Waffen Fall/Winter Base (Waffen Brown Grey).
  • AK11017 Waffen Fall/Winter Light (Redish Grey).
  • AK11112 Waffen Fall/Winter Dark Spots (Grim Brown)
  • AK11417 Waffen Fall/Winter Brown Spots (Waffen Brown).
  • AK11100 Waffen Fall/Winter Light Brown Spots (Light Brown).