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Createx Colors


4013 Reducer

Size: 2oz.

4013 Airbrush Thinner/Reducer for all water-based produced by Createx Colors and Auto-Air Colors.

  • Reduces tip-dry
  • Assists with a faster flash or drying time
  • reduces surface tension for improved flow and self leveling
  • cures to a durable matte finish
  • Non-reactive does not serve as a catalyst.

FLAMMABLE! The isopropyl alcohol in 4013 Reducer is classified as a flammable substance. Store in a fire-proof cabinet. Keep away from open flame and only use in a well-ventilated area.

4013 Reducer is compliant with clean air regulations and jurisdictions including South Coast AQMD Rule 1401.

Allow paint to acclimate 5 - 10 minutes before spraying.