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Transparent Base

Transparent Base

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by Createx

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Transparent Base is the paint without the pigment.  Appears milky in solution. Dries to a clear finish.

Textile specific: Best used for textiles & fabrics, leather and other flexible, porous substrates. Dries to a softer coating compared to other Transparent Bases. 

Use for preparation onto fabric prior to painting to prevent fabric knap from interfering while airbrushing. Heat-cure Transparent Base prior to applying colors.

May be used as a top coat.

For More application information please refer to the

5618 Transparent Technical Data Sheet | Usage and Application Information 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rochelle Knight (Springdale, CA)

Fastest order than other site! Will definitely continue to shop this site from now on. Thanks again

Mike Kehler (Kamloops, CA)
Trans base is so versatile

This product works great as an intercoat clear. It’s good to lay down in a stencil to block seepage. It works to thin down the opacity of any createx paint. It’s a wonder product - basically paint without pigment.

Love the product, love the customer service. Good company to do business with and competitive prices. Great choice for Canadian consumers as opposed to the fees associated with American purchasing.

stephane turcotte
wonderful product just try .

wonderful product

just try .....