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AK Alligator Clips 20 Pieces

AK Alligator Clips 20 Pieces

SKU: AK9127

by AK Interactive

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20 pieces of metal alligator clips with the sticks and tips made from plastic, allowing for better grip without damaging the held pieces.

  • The clips are covered with a plastic layer to avoid damaging the parts.
  • The grip of the tweezers is precise and will not damage the parts and hold them firmly at the same time.
  • The length of the cane allows a comfortable grip away from the paint.
  • Materials designed for a long service life.
  • Suitable for any scale.
  • If they are fixed to a base, they allow for having free hands during the painting process.
  • Work faster and easier.

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Customer Reviews

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James Morris (Wembley, CA)
Alligator Clips

I am very happy with the clips, the clip itself is similar to the Tamiya alligator clip in size and width in which the clip can open to hold an item. The main difference I found between the AK and Tamiya clips is the AK product has soft rubber caps over the teeth. This does not take away the pressure the clip exerts on a item, but prevents the clips from leaving marks in soft plastic. The rubber caps do make the clips wider than the Tamiya product; however, they can easily be removed and put back on if required.