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Anest Iwata-Medea


ANEST Multi Sprayer

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Anest Iwata Multi Sprayer 

Automotive - Industrial - Aviation - Marine

Works with 200+ Chemicals - Acetones; Lacquer Thinner, Pre-cleans, solvents; water based  and more

The Multi Sprayer is a heavy duty piston sprayer with a pump and nozzle constructed of nickel-plated brass and outfitted with solvent resistant gaskets.  acetone, toluene, gun wash, MEK, lacquer thinner, solvents and waterborne/based paints. 

Product Features:

  • Special adjustable nozzle fine mist to spray stream
  • Easy thumb-operated pump
  • Spray head seals with container to eliminate waste, evaporation and spills
  • 1L large mouth and filling level indicator
  • Durable construction, impact resistant and designed for extra stability

The decision to use robust, hand pressurized "pump style" reusable trigger sprayers has multiple advantages: The user has no time-consuming interruptions due to leaking or clogged devices. The powerful spray head is durable and allows a fatigue-free operation with extended performances for excellent results.

Suitable for automotive, detailing, household, agricultural and more