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Adaptor Badger Airbrush to 1/8" hose

Adaptor Badger Airbrush to 1/8" hose


by Sparmax

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This adaptor allows you to use any Badger airbrush with Iwata air hoses or any hose with the 1/8" fitting.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Arsenault (Ottawa, CA)
Good product - but be aware that it may not be suitable for OLD badger compressors ...

-- TLDR ... my 30+ year old 180-1 Badger compressor has a non-standard 1/4 inch thread fitting (who knew there was such a thing). --

Product review: If you have a newer compressor with a 'normal' 1/4" thread and want to connect to a 1/8" hose, it will work great. The connector is a solid brass one and it threads well onto typical 1/4 inch air hose threads (with a little teflon tape there will be NO air loss at all).

On the other hand, if you want to put said air hose on a 30+ year old Badger 180-1 compressor (like me), ymmv, so you might want to read on...
I just could not get this particular adaptor to grab onto the threads of my compressor (Badger 180-1). Forcing it would have cross threaded the compressor fitting, so I gave up.
I pulled out some of my tool compressor 1/4 inch air hose fittings to see is the problem was with the adaptor or the compressor: they didn't fit on the compressor, but the adaptor screwed onto them just fine.
Seems like these vintage units were built using a slightly different type of thread than your 'normal' 1/4 inch fitting. Who knew?
Badger's site shows that the fitting for this type of unit is 1/4" NPS, but I'm unable to validate if that bit of information applies to relics like mine or newer units.
I did come up with a workaround by putting a 1/4" female NPSM to male NPT swivel connector (I picked up at Grainger for less than 5$) in between the two, but I've since found a New Old Stock BADGER branded connector that did connect properly. (BTW, the specific adapter sold here is not BADGER brand).