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Flake King Candy Tangy Orange

Flake King Candy Tangy Orange

SKU: FKS0810030

by Flake King

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Flake Size

Regal Candy Metal Flake: Tangy Orange

Automotive grade metal flake creates a maximum sparkle.

Concentration can be varied to achieve desired effect. As with any metal flake finish, additional coats of clear will be required to cover profile of the flake on the surface.


Flake Size Imperial Metric
Ultra Small: .50 micron (.002) 1.1 oz per 35 fl oz.
30g per litre
Small: 100 micron (.004) 1.4 oz per 35 fl oz. 40g per litre
Medium: 200 micron (.008) 2.1 oz per 35 fl oz. 60g per litre
Large: 375 micron (.015) 2.8 oz per 35 fl oz. 80g per litre
X-Large: 625 micron (.025) 3.5 oz per 35 fl oz. 100g per litre
DX-Large:  1025 micron (.040) 5.3 oz per 35 fl oz. 150g per litre


Suggested Gun/Airbrush Sizes - for carrier (wet) based applications

Flake Size Minimum Spray gun Airbrush Nozzle Size
Ultra Small: .50 micron (.002)
Any Size Spray Gun .50 needle/nozzle combination
Small: 100 micron (.004)
1.2 Spray Gun .50 needle/nozzle combination
Medium: 200 micron (.008)
1.4 Spray Gun not recommended
Large: 375 micron (.015)
1.8 Spray Gun not recommended
X-Large: 625 micron (.025)
 2.2 Spray Gun not recommended
X-Large: 625 micron (.025)
2.5+ Spray Gun not recommended

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Halley (Vancouver, CA)
Tangy orange

Love the colour.
First batch i clogged up my gun. Pretty surprised with a 1.8 tip. Second time around i reduced the amount of flake and the resulting colour was just what i wanted.

Andrew Thornton (Pierreville, CA)
Great service and products

I live in Quebec so I was expecting at least a full week before I got my products. 3 days later I got my box and on the forth day I was using my new Xandy Tangy flake thanks Maple Airbrush Supplies